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Furoshiki: One Cloth, Endless Possibilities

Mini FuroshikiFuroshiki Backpack

Furoshiki, which originated in the Edo period in Japan (1603 to 1868), were square pieces of cloth originally used to create satchels or backpacks that carried belongings such as clothing, books, or food. Over time, furoshiki came into use as an elegant gift wrapping and a way for some merchants to package their goods. Besides a simple satchel, a furoshiki cloth can be coaxed into performing a wide variety of tasks and a sheet of appropriate size can conform to almost any kind of gift. Furoshiki cloths now come in beautiful prints and a variety of different fabrics. They've come back into vogue recently because they represent a re-usable, environment-friendly alternative to traditional wrapping paper. Many people also use them daily to transport their bento box lunches. Once the bento box lunch is unwrapped, the furoshiki cloth can then serve as a placemat. Check out the images below for some common folding patterns. Here's a furoshiki video tutorial. You can buy furoshiki cloths at Etsy and at

Furoshiki WrappingsFuroshiki Diagrams

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