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New Tingle Game for 3DS

Posted by Tom Terranova

Tingle mets Uncle Rupee in the first Tingle game for DS

I'd love to see a new Tingle game on the 3DS, with an english translator involved from day one to allow for a simultaneous worldwide release. In the first Tingle game, Tingle was cursed by a mysterious older man claiming to be his uncle, who then blackmailed Tingle into earning rupees – which basically explained Tingle's obsession with rupees in the Zelda games and also how he became a fairy. In the second Tingle game, Tingle got sucked into an infomercial for a self-help book about how to seduce women, which led to a point-and-click RPG based on the Wizard of Oz – with Tingle as Dorothy. What would be a good premise for a 3rd Tingle adventure, this time on the 3DS?

If it was up to me, here's the Tingle game I would make:

As the game begins, Tingle is still living alone in his little house – and he's newly unemployed. That's when a mysterious benefactor shows up and offers Tingle a new career as an interior decorator. As the game progresses, Tingle explores his region of Hyrule, encounters local people with decorating problems, and accepts jobs to help them. Some examples include remodeling Zelda's vacation cottage to make it kidnap proof, sprucing up a depressed artist's tiny live/work space to get him inspired again, creating a swinging bachelor pad for an old man whose wife ran off, turning chaos into harmony for a local cat lady living with dozens of felines, improving conditions in a hen house to increase egg output and stop attacks by angry chicken mobs, furnishing a bottle to meet the requirements of the local healing fairies who have gone on strike and are refusing to be bottled anymore, etc.

With the money earned from interior decorating, Tingle can design, build, and decorate his own dream home from the ground up, with the ability to host visitors over wi-fi and to send "virtual walkthroughs" to friends that allow them to explore and interact with your dream home. You can place cardboard cutouts of yourself in rooms, with text messages that offer explanations or give hints about false walls, secret passages, etc. Each object you place can include a short text message. So if a visitor tries to interact with a vase, it can trigger a text message saying, "Don't touch, it's Ming!" or "What are you looking for?!" etc. As your dream home gets bigger, Tingle's brothers will come to live with him one by one and they can each be assigned to perform tasks such as collecting raw materials from specific regions, keeping squatters and monsters out of the construction site, etc.

During some of his jobs, Tingle will discover passages to catacombs and dungeons. This will lead to gameplay sequences with zelda-style action adventuring and also first-person, 3D dungeon-crawling like in Phantasy Star 1. By fighting monsters/ghosts/animals and collecting/selling raw materials, Tingle can earn extra money or can combine the raw materials to create new accessories for his dream home and his decorating jobs. During the dungeon sequences, Tingle employs unconventional makeshift weapons that a decorator might have such as hammers, staple guns, hot glue guns, bedazzlers, throwable bric-a-brac, craft knives, blinding glitter, etc. He can also learn special decorator magic such as Water Feature, Paint Job, Focal Point, Window Treatment, Shabby Chic, Ikea, etc.

In addition to shops, Tingle also comes across regional garage sales, flea markets, second-hand stores, and Antiques Roadshows where he can shop for a changing assortment of rare and unusual items. Or he can shop online with his PDA or watch the home shopping network on his TV (although the items he gets aren't always as advertised.)